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Spotted: B and S in kicks and boots!

Spotted: Blair and Serena not in their heels?
Look! The Queen B. rocking some saddle-shoe looking sneakers!

I know some of the Shakers out there love Gossip Girl. And I love, er, shopping? 😉 The saddle shoes are sweet, and so are S’s boots. Whenever I catch this show, these girls are either in their school uniforms or really low-cut dresses. These are both good, wholesome looks that anyone can look good in.

Buy anything good lately? Like… Milkshakes? 😉

/plug. hehe


Headbands in 09?

Happy New Year, shakers!

So a while ago, we thought Hillary Clinton would be bringing her headband back:

courtesy of NY Mag, back in November

courtesy of NY Mag, back in November

I thought she was channeling her inner 90s Hillary, or at least being  inspired by the ultimate Queen B, herself, Blair Waldorf:

The one and only!

The one and only!

Hillary didn’t stick with it, and, I think I’m kinda glad.  Still on headbands, in general, though.

Hmm, think you’ll still be rockin’ ’em in 2009? Keep your eyes peeled!