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Spotted: B and S in kicks and boots!

Spotted: Blair and Serena not in their heels?
Look! The Queen B. rocking some saddle-shoe looking sneakers!

I know some of the Shakers out there love Gossip Girl. And I love, er, shopping? 😉 The saddle shoes are sweet, and so are S’s boots. Whenever I catch this show, these girls are either in their school uniforms or really low-cut dresses. These are both good, wholesome looks that anyone can look good in.

Buy anything good lately? Like… Milkshakes? 😉

/plug. hehe


Where’s the Mens stuff at Ma?!?

As I was Riding the 7 Train , I was approached by some “smooth talker” with his crew of timberland wearin’ pretty boys from Harlem. As the conversation carried on he asked me what I do and I told him that I am blogger for new sneaker line called Milkshake Kicks and Female Sneaker fiend. I pulled out my look book and showed it to him. He was feeling them and then he went and showed his friends and one of them blurted out “Where’s the mens stuff at ma?!? My response was “You guys already have enough!!” Its real funny how some guys still don’t understand the meaning of sharing. I mean really they have better color ways, more creative thought, and more support into their kicks. Females need that love too!!! Every sneaker can’t be for y’all.