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Spotted: B and S in kicks and boots!

Spotted: Blair and Serena not in their heels?
Look! The Queen B. rocking some saddle-shoe looking sneakers!

I know some of the Shakers out there love Gossip Girl. And I love, er, shopping? 😉 The saddle shoes are sweet, and so are S’s boots. Whenever I catch this show, these girls are either in their school uniforms or really low-cut dresses. These are both good, wholesome looks that anyone can look good in.

Buy anything good lately? Like… Milkshakes? 😉

/plug. hehe


Headbands in 09?

Happy New Year, shakers!

So a while ago, we thought Hillary Clinton would be bringing her headband back:

courtesy of NY Mag, back in November

courtesy of NY Mag, back in November

I thought she was channeling her inner 90s Hillary, or at least being  inspired by the ultimate Queen B, herself, Blair Waldorf:

The one and only!

The one and only!

Hillary didn’t stick with it, and, I think I’m kinda glad.  Still on headbands, in general, though.

Hmm, think you’ll still be rockin’ ’em in 2009? Keep your eyes peeled!

Peace Treaty

After several seasons of ubiquitous black-and-white keffiyehs from Atlantic Street boutiques followed by Balenciaga’s decidedly unattainable Fall 2007 interpretation, A Peace Treaty relieves woven-scarf fatigue by offering a meaningful update.

Friends Farah Malik and Dana Arbib created A Peace Treaty using the juxtaposition of their differing backgrounds (Malik is a Pakistani Muslim and Arbib a Libyan Jew) and their shared interest in high fashion and ancient craftsmanship. By employing artisans from areas of socio-political strife to create colorful unisex scarves, A Peace Treaty aims to promote local crafts from demonized regions of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe while creating a desirable product for the fashion set. A favorite is the Sohn stole in a red, teal, and white plaid that will complement those stark white sneakers from last summer if you managed to keep them clean.

The traditional scarves from the Punjab Province of Southern Asia inspire the 2008 collections, and future collections will have a changing regional focus to help preserve various craft traditions. Malik and Arbib plan to expand the line to include leather goods and jewelry while continuing to support local artisans, so relinquish the safe monochrome of seasons past and join the fans of A Peace Treaty, including A-Trak and J2K of Flosstradamus.

The hand-loomed cotton scarves are currently available in four styles ranging from $78-$98. Available online at .
pic and info:worship worthy